Comprehensive College Admissions Guidance Package

  • This is the most popular and standard package utilized by our students. It includes unlimited contact with us on all aspects of the college admissions process. Our families/students have the option of meeting in-person, over the telephone, via fax, video conferencing and Skype. We understand the hectic life of a high school student and will meet in the most convenient way possible. All students have access to our database/software that includes the latest information on colleges from Wintergreen Orchard House. This system allows us to follow a pathway for our students from beginning to end. The steps in the process are monitored as we progress through the custom-designed timeline. The major areas will include: Student Analysis, College Identification Phase, Application Phase, and Financial Aid & Offer Analysis.
  • We start with identifying the student's needs/goals through various tools (including possible majors and financial factors), then move on to creating and managing the college list, next is the application phase, and finally the comprehensive review of offer letters.
  • Advice – start your student early in the process (freshman or sophomore year) and utilize our all-inclusive package.

Mini Package (Piecemeal Approach)

  • While not common, we do offer "mini-plan's" that are designed to cover a particular area within the college admissions process. Fees vary depending upon the desired area of educational consulting.

Hourly Billing

  • We track our time while working with the student/parents, after our complimentary initial session. Hours of time are typically paid for in "blocks".

What do we need from you to get started?

Please provide the following:

      1) Latest Transcript – does not need to be official
      2) Class Schedule for next year ( if known)
      3) SAT / ACT testing or prep test results – broken down by section detail
      4) Extracurricular / Resume (if prepared) – All activities both in and out of school (I have a form if you need it)
      5) Parent and student's email and cell phone contact information

Important Note
You should understand that we will do our very best to assist and direct your student in the College Planning/Application Process. Also, understand that we may edit but will not write your student's essays. You understand that the student is responsible for meeting all application deadlines. You understand that we may express an opinion concerning the likelihood of admission (more likely, target and reach), but we do not ever guarantee admission to any particular college as admission decisions are made solely by the college. You have our assurance that we will do everything ethically possible to help your student gain admission to his/her top colleges.

Why Choose Us?

We utilize the latest tools and research to evaluate your student and make appropriate recommendations unique to them. By helping your student learn and understand themselves better through tools and questions sets, the college selection process is clearer.

We cover in depth:
∗ High school curriculum
∗ AP / IB / Honors class selection
∗ Extracurricular and summer activity recommendations
∗ ACT/SAT insights & resources
∗ Essay & Application work
∗ Financial aid
∗ Award letter review

Your child is not a distraction to us, not just a "number" to us, but rather the reason we are here.


  • Thank you for the terrific help that you provided us in Jack's college admission and selection process. We are so grateful for your guided one-on-one work with him through his options.Jack's Parents

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